Landhuis BW2

Private residence


June 2020 - Ongoing

House MM

Private extenion


December 2019 - Ongoing

Foxhole House

Private residence
De Winkelbuurt, Abcoude

July 2018 - Ongoing

Uitbouw CB

Private extension

April 2018 - Ongoing

House S10

Private extenion


Februari 2020 - Ongoing

Vesting Warmte

Geothermal energy plant and baths 

Het Oerd, Ameland

April 2018

The Kazachstan hotel

Wellness hotel

Scheveningen, The Hague

December 2015

Amsterdam Art Laboratory 

Collective building for the ahk 

Jonas Daniël Meijerplein, Amsterdam 

June 2014

House for senses 

Residence for a couple 

One seeing, one blind

Broekermeerringsloot, Amsterdam

December 2013

National institute of slavery 

Museum and institute

Het Stenen hoofd, Amsterdam

June 2013

Building with a wall

Housing block for short term inhabitation

Oostenburg | Amsterdam

December 2013